1 Prismatic Secret Rare Foil Card (1 of 3 Different Cards)
5 Prismatic God Box Special Pack (5 Cards per Pack, 50 Different Cards)
Each Pack comes with 1 Millennium Ultra Rare and 4 Millennium Rares
Millennium Ultra Rares also come in Ultimate Rare foiling
1 Special Card Display Case (A screw-type plastic case that can be used to display cards.)
Includes a transparent card protector for display (2 sleeves), a decorative card frame (1 Protector Size, 1 Card Size Each) and an instruction manual.
1 Set of Special Duelist Card Protectors (70 Total) (1 of 3 different designs)
Special Duelist Card Protector Large & Clear (70 Total) (Thick large sized protectors)

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